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Collection of Uncommon Commodore Computers

**UPDATED 2-17-03**

At some point, most of us have used or known someone who used a Commodore machine, such as a Commodore 64, 128 or even a VIC-20.  This page however is dedicated to the rarer Commodore machines ... 

Please choose a machine to view / read about from the following list:

MOS / Commodore KIM-1

Commodore PET 2001

Commodore CBM 8032

Commodore CBM 8296

Commodore MAX Machine / Ultimax

Commodore "Executive" SX-64

Commodore 116


NOTE: I TRADE / BUY / SELL Commodore 8 bit machines (except for very common ones such as C64).  PLEASE contact me via email! 

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Some comprehensive sources on Commodore Computers: 


Bo's Commodore Collection

Larry's Classic Commodore Collection


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